Salvador L. Lazo, D.D.
Bishop Emeritus
Diocese of San Fernando of La Union
September 4, 1996

            As bishop of the Diocese of San Fernando of La Union, Philippines, I retired on July 14, 1993. It is now more than three years since I left for my present residence. At this state of my life I still retain vivid memories of those who selflessly collaborated with me in the realization of the diocesan initiatives for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Among those friends is Mrs. Rosa Ubaldo-Ortega who is celebrating her 75th birthday anniversary.

            I labored in the Lord’s vineyard in the Diocese of San Fernando of La Union for about thirteen years. All those years Mrs. Ortega supported selflessly the various activities both in the diocesan level and parish ones. Because of her honesty, most often she was entrusted with the money for the parish projects.

            Convinced that children should be taught their Catechism from their tenderest years, Mrs. Rosa U. Ortega and her Manang Consuelo Ubaldo encouraged me to organize the Parish Nursery and Kindergarten School of the Cathedral of St. William, the Hermit, in San Fernando the capital town of La Union. The beginnings were hard, but they offered to help without pay. Miss Ubaldo was the principal while Mrs. Ortega was the registrar and treasurer. The problems were many and varied but they continued to serve till the Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca (DML) took over the administration in 1992.

            Mrs. Rosa U. Ortega also showed great concern for all the priests who serve the diocese and the parishes. Asked to contribute to their projects, she was generous and can always be counted upon to give unstinted support for their town fiestas and parish projects. Her charity for th poor is well known.

            She was a member of many mandated religious organizations but her special devotion to Saint Joseph was manifested in different ways. She wore her green uniform on Wednesday s and changed the flowers regularly before St. Joseph’s statue on Wednesdays specially the feast of the foster-Father of Jesus. “Nana” Rose is a lover of Mary, Mary’s title of Mother of Perpetual Help appealed to her most.

When the chapel of the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration was inaugurated she was one of those who committed herself “to waste one our” at the feet of Jesus before the Blessed Sacrament. I used to see her in the early evening _ almost everyday!

            Indeed, Mrs. Rosa U. Ortega is a woman of deep faith, loyal to the Church, a Christian mother. She always impressed me as a humble responsible helper. No doubt her beautiful example must have a great factor in the upbringing of both her children and grandchildren.

            Congratulations, Mrs. Rosa Ubaldo-Ortega. You have tried to live as a good catholic Christian. God has blessed you with many gifts and graces. You tried to proclaim your God’s glory through your deeds. You endeavored to show your deep gratitude to the Church, our common Mother. I join you in act of Thanksgiving to the Great God, the Giver of al things. This I will do in my humble chapel. I will offer the Tridentine Mass - the Mass of all times – the only Mass pleasing to the Lord on your red letter day.



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